In recent cryptocurrency surveys, a poll of 100,000 Chinese citizens has found that 3% have invested in cryptocurrencies, and a survey conducted by Ci
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Mt Gox has published an announcement that its civil rehabilitation and bankruptcy trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, has liquidated 25,331 BCH and 24,658 BTC
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Justin Wales and Arnaldo Rego, lawyers at Carlton Fields, have surveyed all 50 states in the US, looking for clarity on money transmitting laws as the
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To its holders, bitcoin is immensely valuable. Except, that is, for holders of the seven tiles required to spell ‘bitcoin’ on the Scrabble board.
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A long-in-the-works proposal heralded as the best way to bring sidechains to bitcoin has released its first code after three years in development.
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Just when cryptocurrency prices were starting to look better, digital asset markets shaved around $19 billion USD off the entire crypto-economy. Today
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Bitcoin is pushing the boundaries of economic change in Africa. In East Africa, a new deal between digital currency exchange Bitpesa and a Japanese fi
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Japan’s top financial regulator has issued hacked crypto exchange Zaif a third business improvement order. The exchange has revised its theft estima
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A study has detected stability in the amounts of bitcoin held for both speculation and investment during the last several months through August. Also
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It is widely assumed that securing listing on a major cryptocurrency exchange will ensure an altcoin’s long-term success. Many ICO buyers and projec
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In the wake of a severe code vulnerability, bitcoin developers are asking if current code review processes are enough to prevent further failures.
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The China-based Ebang Communication, one of the largest ASIC mining chip makers in the region has announced a new series of mining rigs this week at t
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Secured loans in the digital lending space are witnessing a lot of innovations. But thinking of cryptocurrencies as collateral forms for these loans i
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This weekend a new organization was announced at Baltic Honey Badger bitcoin conference called the ‘B Foundation.’ At the event, Satoshi Labs co-f
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A new cryptocurrency exchange has launched today called, a trading platform that aims to utilize bitcoin cash (BCH) as the base pair for
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The dominance of the United States dollar as a settlement currency in Africa is being challenged by emerging payment methods in financial technology a
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The digital asset trading platform, which invested $ 10 million on purchasing the unusual overseas domain name,, officially announced to launch
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The Seoul Southern District Public Prosecutors’ Office has reportedly indicted two executives of South Korean crypto exchange Coinnest for accepting
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This week the hardware wallet Trezor added the ability to buy and trade cryptocurrencies within its beta wallet’s interface. Now users can swap betw
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An increasing amount of bitcoin is held by active individual users, suggesting the market is ripe for transactional growth, according to Chainalysis.
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