Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, the head of Switzerland’s Department of Economic Affairs, has said that blockchain technology will undoubtedly penetrate
The Merkle - 2 hours ago
Cryptocurrency bears are still clawing away at digital asset prices on Sunday, June 24 as most of the digital currency market values are down between
Bit Coin - 2 hours ago
The second round of China’s monthly crypto ratings has placed EOS in first place, with Ethereum 2nd and Bitcoin 17th
Cointele Graph - 3 hours ago
In a tweet, one member of an online cryptocurrency community revealed that EOS has instructed block producers to censor transactions from 27 accounts
The Merkle - 3 hours ago
Covering crypto - Tulips, Bubbles, obituaries and other FUD portrayed by mainstream media
Cointele Graph - 3 hours ago
Semantics aside, the world of blockchain technology represents a new paradigm in the way businesses interact and operate. When its true potential is r
The Merkle - 4 hours ago
Bitcoin cash (BCH) is being called out, essentially asked if its blockchain and algorithmic infrastructure can hang while bombarded with millions of t
Bit Coin - 4 hours ago
Incent has been used to settle a $1,400 bill with a local restaurant – the token’s very own Bitcoin Pizza moment! Every year, on 22 May, the crypt
The Merkle - 6 hours ago
Bitcoin analyst Brian Kelly points out three major reasons why the current bear market is not a reason to hold a funeral for the cryptocurrency
Cointele Graph - 6 hours ago
One of the most maddening things about lookalike Twitter scammers has been Twitter’s unwillingness to do anything about them. It’s not a complex p
Bit Coin - 6 hours ago
The Prime Minister of Liechtenstein is certain that blockchain will have an impact on a variety of areas — exclusive interview
Cointele Graph - 8 hours ago
In this week’s daily Bitcoin in Brief editions we reported about McAfee’s decision to stop shilling ICOs, crypto businesses’ involvement in the
Bit Coin - 8 hours ago
Companies mining cryptocurrencies are not required to obtain a license, the Ukrainian state agency responsible for licensing regimes said this week. T
Bit Coin - 11 hours ago
Last December reported on the theatrical version of people using the deep web in a play called the “Silk Road: How to Buy Drugs Onl
Bit Coin - 18 hours ago
As the start of the crypto banking ban by the Reserve Bank of India approaches, cryptocurrency exchanges in the country are preparing to stop fiat dep
Bit Coin - 19 hours ago
Mining industry overview: Who will prevail in the cryptocurrency mining market in 2018? Top five biggest farms which mine Bitcoin on an industrial sca
Cointele Graph - 21 hours ago
Over the past year and a half bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have caused a serious hype that’s stretched a bit into the mainstream. These days people
Bit Coin - 24 hours ago
Charlie Lee, the developer behind the world’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency, Litecoin, believes the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will
The Merkle - yesterday
Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson: Wall Street’s interest in crypto once regulation is sorted will bring in “tens of trillions of dollars”
Cointele Graph - yesterday
The US Secret Service is worried about the illicit use of cryptocurrencies. A high-ranking official of the agency has urged Congress to consider addit
Bit Coin - yesterday
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