Burrowing deep underground, thousands of informal miners risk their lives to find gleaming red gems as a law change spurs opportunity in Myanmar’s â
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Photographer Fred Sigman’s latest book, Motel Vegas, documents the vernacular roadside architecture that at once dominated the Nevada city’s skyli
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The person who owns 60% of the freehold would be uncooperative as we had a disputeQ I live in a Victorian house that has been converted into five flat
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My Executive Club membership has been closed and points have disappearedBritish Airways closed my Executive Club membership and has given my Avios rew
Theguardian - 2 hours ago
Despite benefits of working into retirement, campaigners say figures point to pensioner poverty in UKThe number of people aged over 70 who are still w
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Metro Northwest trains pass peak-hour test although there are still signs of teething issuesIt’s 7.40am on Monday morning and Stiofan Sexton is abou
Theguardian - 6 hours ago
IFS study shows Conservatives wrong to plan tax cuts, says John McDonnellThe UK tax system does help reduce the country’s wealth inequality problem,
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Bilimoria is a vocal remain supporter but says his view is ‘completely separate’ to roleThe founder of Cobra beer, Lord Karan Bilimoria, is being
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Autonomous machine expected to pick more than 25,000 raspberries a day, outpacing human workersQuivering and hesitant, like a spoon-wielding toddler t
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Renault board reportedly plans to go public with partnership after a meeting on Monday morningFiat Chrysler and Renault are expected to announce on Mo
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UK Steel’s director general warns leaving EU will not give steel greater trading opportunitiesThe trade body for steelmakers has rubbished claims th
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Ambassador aims to address concerns of Swedish businesses and Swedes living in BritainSweden is embarking on a tour of the United Kingdom to reassure
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Peter Simon pledges up to £34m to support struggling business and convince landlords to slash rentsThe founder of fashion chain Monsoon Accessorize i
Theguardian - 19 hours ago
A new chancellor would have to decide on the spending review and the next Bank of England governor The Conservative hopefuls lining up to replace Ther
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Jobs are at risk as his restaurant chain collapses, but apprentices from the Fifteen project say they will always back their mentorWhen, in 2002, Jami
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Not showing up after accepting an offer is unacceptable, but if you have a chance to hire someone again don’t shut them out – they may have benefi
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An experienced accountant fell for a scammer mirroring Metro Bank’s security and customer serviceMichael Johnson* and his business partner had strug
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Trains stuck at Macquarie University and Macquarie Park, where doors failed to open on one trainAbout 42,000 commuters have used Sydney’s new driver
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Commercial sales dip but environmental concerns make home yoghurt kits a growth areaSue Reed, who lives in Northumberland and runs a business knitting
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Could Tesla owners one day farm out their cars as self-driving taxis?You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to wonder if Elon Musk, the founder of Tesl
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