In his first public comments on the case, U.S. federal judge P. Kevin Castel called on both Telegram and the SEC to consider the "economic realities"
Coin Desk - 17 minutes ago
Here's a plain-English breakdown of the bZx attacks and their broader implications for the budding DeFi markets.
Coin Desk - 22 minutes ago
Steve Chen agreed to plead guilty to tax evasion and conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with the $147 million Gemcoin scheme.
Coin Desk - 2 hours ago
Bitcoin’s price volatility spiked in January and could further increase over the near term because “whales” have begun accumulating coins.
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Coinbase is a very big company in the cryptocurrency space. The team now seeks to expand its presence by issuing a native debit card. It is a well-kno
The Merkle - 3 hours ago
The European Union is still trying to figure out what to do about Libra, according to a new memo.
Coin Desk - 3 hours ago
A breakdown of the role of price oracles in the recent DeFi attacks, plus what DeFi can learn from early exchange hacks.
Coin Desk - 3 hours ago
During the second week of February, a new project called tBTC was unveiled that is similar to the Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) created with the Ethereum net
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Today we're breaking down the flash loan attacks that rocked the DeFi community in a way even your grandpa can understand, presented in both audio and
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The next era of financial services will pit Wall Street against Silicon Valley against open protocols, like bitcoin, says author Alex Tapscott.
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The SEC settled charges with Engima MPC alleging it raised $45 million in an unregistered securities sale with its 2017 ICO. Engima will refund invest
Coin Desk - 6 hours ago
Venture capitalist Tim Draper now controls about 2.5 percent of ANT, the token behind Aragon Network’s digital court system.
Coin Desk - 6 hours ago
Openfinance recently announced that’s LDCC security token is now available to investors.
Coin Desk - 6 hours ago
Blockstation, a digital asset trading systems firm, has built a streamlined disclosures filing tool for companies seeking an STO with the Jamaican Sto
Coin Desk - 7 hours ago
The Binance exchange said an outage was due to system maintenance prompted by a problem with a data feed.
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Cryptocurrency markets have seen fresh gains on Wednesday after the slight pullback that started two days prior. Most of the top 10 digital currencies
Bit Coin - 8 hours ago
Contents Protocol will refund approximately $7.5 million-worth of ether back to investors.
Coin Desk - 10 hours ago
It’s not all about the needs of end-users. Let's focus on the wants of the developers and dreamers who build crypto infrastructure.
Coin Desk - 11 hours ago
The exchange, which dropped ethereum to focus solely on bitcoin, is launching a simplified buying service for crypto newbies.
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The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange will have the power to issue payment cards with the new status.
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