The Brave browser continues to turn a lot of heads. As the iOS release has now received support for rewards and ads, the project enters the next phase
The Merkle - 27 minutes ago
Software engineer Tobias Ruck has revealed a project he’s been working on that allows a smart card to produce valid BCH signatures. Ruck tweeted abo
Bit Coin - 42 minutes ago
As Dubai is renowned as an international business and financial hub it should be no surprise it has a dedicated community of cryptocurrency supporters
Bit Coin - 4 hours ago
The competitive nature of the blockchain industry cannot be underestimated. Huobi Chain, once thought to be a closed-source project, has now made its
The Merkle - 4 hours ago
During the last few years, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have explored blogging and content publishing websites that are powered by digital currencies. R
Bit Coin - 7 hours ago
A South Korean district court has sentenced executives of a local crypto exchange to prison. The CEO of the exchange got a 16-year jail sentence while
Bit Coin - 11 hours ago
In late 2008, an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin white paper on Halloween. While Nakamoto is clearly the most famous an
Bit Coin - 16 hours ago
SEBA Bank is now fully operational with a range of services to bridge the gap between the crypto world and traditional banking. Licensed in Switzerlan
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It was a milestone that Bitcoin loyalists had long anticipated. Nevertheless, a toast was in order the day BTC reached parity with the US dollar. Febr
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The future of crypto banking remains rather uncertain at this time. Singapore may prove to be a region worth exploring for cryptocurrency firms opting
The Merkle - yesterday
Debit cards linked to crypto wallets have been a useful payment tool for users who want to be able to spend their cryptocurrencies almost anywhere. Of
Bit Coin - yesterday
A lot of eyes are on the Chinese central bank. The institution has confirmed it will launch a digital yuan “soon’, and some more details have come
The Merkle - yesterday
At New York Consensus Invest Summit, Evercoin Inc. today announced Evercoin 2, the “safest hardware wallet”. Evercoin 2 provides a wallet and exch
Bit Coin - yesterday
Venezuela has been suffering from rapid inflation as the purchasing power of the sovereign bolivar has become near worthless. Over the last few weeks,
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In addition to listing the Universal Protocol Alliance’s mega-utility token, Exchange will also list the group’s stablecoins, as well
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Many people in the U.S. and elsewhere think of the income tax as some kind of timeless staple of society. The truth is, it was only first instituted i
Bit Coin - 2 days ago
In an interview from prison, one of Deepdotweb’s operators has disputed the $15 million allegedly made from “illegal” referral links, claiming
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The great bitcoin reward halvings are coming and many newcomers have not experienced a halving event unless they joined the crypto community prior to
Bit Coin - 2 days ago
A major Chinese daily has published an article about Bitcoin. The publication describes the first cryptocurrency as a successful application of the bl
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Cardano is one of the many blockchain projects on the market today. To further engage users in helping them to experiment with the testnet, an incenti
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