Roughly 48,000 workers at General Motors facilities will go on strike at midnight Sunday over failed contract negotiations.
Huffington Post - 50 minutes ago
Travel firm wants delay to bondholders’ meeting as it tries to stave off financial collapseThe beleaguered travel firm Thomas Cook will on Monday re
Theguardian - 3 hours ago
Dear John: I am a social worker writing on behalf of my client. Ten years ago, she was assaulted and beaten on the head, incurring injuries that requi
NY Post - 5 hours ago
Last week, Elizabeth Warren made it clear she wants to reign in the banks and Wall Street, and break up Big Tech. What dumb ideas. Perhaps the lawyer-
NY Post - 5 hours ago
BoE among 26 global banks due to meet with Libra amid fears over risk to state sovereigntyGlobal regulators will question Facebook on Monday about its
Theguardian - 5 hours ago
Conventional wisdom has it that lower interest rates equal good news for borrowers — but that might not be the case in today’s economy. As the US
NY Post - 5 hours ago
Supermarket giant opened just 10 discount chain stores, with job cuts and sales of £24mWhen Tesco unveiled its discount chain Jack’s a year ago, ho
Theguardian - 6 hours ago
Financial sector is rattled by John McDonnell’s support for an FTT that would raise about £7bn a year A comprehensive tax on financial transactions
Theguardian - 7 hours ago
Charting the 200-year journey from city docksides to Michelin stars as the UK finally explores new frontiers of Chinese cooking – from Hunan to Xinj
Theguardian - 8 hours ago
Small businesses aren’t listening to the recession talk as of late – they’re continuing to invest, grow and hire at historically high levelsTher
Theguardian - 8 hours ago
Meet the woman in charge of Depop, the secondhand fashion platform that is skyrocketing in popularityMaria Raga, CEO of Depop, the fashion resale app,
Theguardian - 9 hours ago
The young must be protected from being exploited by online platformsLast week, MPs called on the government to classify online loot boxes as gambling
Theguardian - 10 hours ago
The company, soon to update on trading, has ambitions to shift from low-margin grocery sales to being a technology platformJanuary will mark 20 years
Theguardian - 10 hours ago
Explosions halve Saudi output and reduce global production by 5%Global supplies of oil are likely to suffer a “major jolt” following Saturday’s
Theguardian - 11 hours ago
When you hire a lawyer, your chances of overpaying are considerable, according to one legal expert. “There is potentially 10 percent to 30 percent c
NY Post - 11 hours ago
Even as the drinks giant posts huge profits, it treats its workforce with contemptIn the wilderness of post-Brexit Britain, ruthlessness and cunning,
Theguardian - 12 hours ago
One family plans to sell their home to pay, and others are fighting off debt collectors in the wake of a corporate IT failureCo-op Energy describes it
Theguardian - 12 hours ago
Energy network companies are under scrutiny after last month’s outage, the worst of its kind in a decadeThere is never a good time for a blackout, b
Theguardian - 12 hours ago
Projects that raise money on the site fear they will lose funders who want nothing to do with Kickstarter.
Huffington Post - 21 hours ago
Kolkata, one of Asia’s great melting pots, is the last place on Earth where rickshaw wallahs still haul people and goods through narrow lanes. With
Theguardian - 22 hours ago