Amazon plans to give its frontline employees who help it through the busy holiday shopping season a special bonus (via CNET). The company will give fu
Engadget - 2 hours ago
Black Friday approaches! In a year where asking Alexa what day today is feels totally normal, this Black Friday seems like it came out of nowhere. As
Techcrunch - 3 hours ago
Britain plans to create a new watchdog to police big tech companies including Google and Facebook to counter their market dominance and prevent them f
ABC News - 3 hours ago
2020 has been a big year for the gaming industry, particularly here in the Middle East. Consumers across the region have taken up gaming in a big way,
Scoop Empire - 5 hours ago
It’s felt like Black Friday has been upon us for the past few weeks — but now we’re actually only a couple hours from the biggest shopping day o
Engadget - 5 hours ago
Researchers have effectively confirmed one of the most important theories in star physics. NBC News reports that a team at the Italian National Instit
Engadget - 6 hours ago
Reset yer counters: Facebook has had to ‘fess up to yet another major ad reporting fail. This one looks like it could be costly for the tech giant t
Techcrunch - 7 hours ago
The Army is said to be spending millions on neuroscience that could lead to ‘telepathic’ soldiers. The goal is to build a system that would allow
NY Post - 7 hours ago
It sounds like a plot lifted from a science fiction flick, but scientists have suggested permanently dimming the sun to save South Africa from deadly
NY Post - 8 hours ago
Piranha Games had planned to release an expansion for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries along with Steam and GOG versions of the game on December 10th. Howev
Engadget - 8 hours ago
Digital files play a significant role in everyday life, whether for work, school or a creative hobby. That's part of why we hold onto them so dea
Engadget - 8 hours ago
Amazon warehouse workers in several countries are planning to carry out strikes and protests on Black Friday, one of the biggest sales events of the y
Engadget - 9 hours ago
TANTA, Egypt – With Egypt facing a second coronavirus wave, an inventor is trialing a remote-control robot which can test for COVID-19, take the tem
NY Post - 9 hours ago
As people prepare and eat their Thanksgiving meals, or just “work” on relaxing for the day, some consumers are going online to get a jump on holid
Techcrunch - 9 hours ago
Germany’s national rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) has announced that it’s developing a hydrogen-powered train with an eye to replacing diesel tr
Engadget - 10 hours ago
Black Friday is coming soon, which means that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start picking out toys and games to give your kids this holiday
Engadget - 10 hours ago
AstraZeneca’s CEO told Bloomberg that the pharmaceutical company will likely conduct another global trial of the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vacci
Techcrunch - 10 hours ago
Meet Bigblue, a French startup that just raised a $3.6 million seed round (€3 million) to build an end-to-end fulfillment solution in Europe. If you
Techcrunch - 10 hours ago
If you haven’t picked up a pair of AirPods yet, now’s the time to do so. Apple’s popular wireless earbuds have been discounted to $110 just hour
Engadget - 10 hours ago
BERLIN — The European Space Agency says it is signing a 86 million-euro ($102 million) contract with a Swiss start-up company to bring a large piece
NY Post - 11 hours ago