We’ve got an in-depth review of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple gives Facebook a temporary break on App Store fees and Alexis Ohanian is raising a n
Techcrunch - 55 minutes ago
The notion that Black people in America need to work twice as hard as others to succeed may be a depressing sentiment, but it has been deeply ingraine
Techcrunch - 59 minutes ago
NASA astronaut Kate Rubins told The Associated Press on Friday that she plans to cast her next vote from space – more than 200 miles above Earth
ABC News - an hour ago
NBC’s Peacock streaming service will start streaming its entire back catalog of Saturday Night Live episodes on October 1st, according to Deadline a
Engadget - 2 hours ago
Perhaps anticipating budget pushback from the federal government, NASA has released its first-ever agency-wide economic report, documenting the agency
Techcrunch - 2 hours ago
The progress seen in AI/machine learning leading up to and during the pandemic cannot be ignored, but this crisis brings with it a unique opportunity
Techcrunch - 2 hours ago
Let’s face it, when you start building out a fleet of synths, cable management can quickly become an issue, with all those wires connecting everythi
Engadget - 3 hours ago
TGIF, am I right? Welcome back to Human Capital, where we explore some of the latest news in labor, and diversity and inclusion in tech. This week, we
Techcrunch - 3 hours ago
TGIF, am I right? Welcome back to Human Capital, where we explore some of the latest news in labor, diversity and inclusion in tech. This week, we’r
Techcrunch - 3 hours ago
Alphabet on Friday settled a shareholder lawsuit that accused the Google parent of covering up lavish exit packages to executives found responsible fo
NY Post - 3 hours ago
Google's parent company has reached a $310 million settlement in a shareholder lawsuit over its treatment of allegations of sexual misconduct by execu
ABC News - 3 hours ago
Microsoft Flight Simulator is a triumph, one that fully captures the meditative experience of soaring through the clouds. But to bring the game to lif
Engadget - 3 hours ago
Facebook recently gave us our best glimpse yet into its augmented reality plans. The company will be piloting a new set of glasses that will lay the g
Engadget - 4 hours ago
The tech giant will not allow election-related ads in Search, on YouTube or any of its other properties, citing the likelihood of delayed election res
NPR - 4 hours ago
According to an SEC filing, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and early-stage VC firm Initialized Capital, is raising a new fund, named 776, wi
Techcrunch - 4 hours ago
Just a few days after opening up Xbox remote play to Android users, Microsoft has confirmed it’s testing the feature on iOS devices as well. The Ver
Engadget - 4 hours ago
Google will not run any election-related ads after polls for the US presidential election close on November 3rd, according to Axios. In an email obtai
Engadget - 4 hours ago
SINGAPORE – Seeking to improve the sometimes uncomfortable process of getting a COVID-19 test, a Singapore company has developed an automated swab-t
NY Post - 5 hours ago
When it comes to smartwatches, it’s Apple against the world. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of other products to choose from — it’s more
Techcrunch - 5 hours ago
Steve Girksy, the former GM vice chairman, consultant and investor whose special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) merged with hydrogen electric star
Techcrunch - 5 hours ago