Google will pay Arizona $85 million to settle a 2020 lawsuit, which claimed that the search giant was illegally tracking Android users, Bloomberg repo
Engadget - 3 hours ago
The Internet Archive is aiming to build up a new library of old content. It's expanding beyond Flash games and animations, movies, books and (of c
Engadget - 4 hours ago
Teenage Engineering's latest drum machine probably isn't one that you're going to use to add percussion to your next piece. The company te
Engadget - 5 hours ago
Other reporters and correspondents pushed fears and concerns ranging from threats to democracy, free speech and religious freedom.
NY Post - 5 hours ago
When it comes to wireless headphones, the over-ear noise-cancelling models typically offer the most comprehensive set of features we want. The best op
Engadget - 6 hours ago
Apple's alleged union busting has prompted federal action. As The New York Timesreports, the National Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint
Engadget - 6 hours ago
Pure, the British e-scooter company founded by Adam Norris (father of F1 wunderkind Lando, pictured) is launching three new scooters. The Pure Advance
Engadget - 6 hours ago
Spotify has bought a company it says will help it detect and address harmful content on the platform. Kinzen uses machine learning and human expertise
Engadget - 7 hours ago
Now that Google is shutting down Stadia, at least one of its exclusives is headed elsewhere. Eurogamerreports that Tequila Works is bringing Stadia
Engadget - 7 hours ago
Amazon is running a sale on Blink security cameras, and many of the devices and bundles are available for a steal at up to 54 percent off. Several hav
Engadget - 8 hours ago
You probably never saw the NES as a productivity machine, but some clever developers beg to differ. Hackaday and Ars Technica note Inkbox Software has
Engadget - 9 hours ago
Those who have a robot vacuum on their gift list this year can pick up a few iRobot machines for less right now. Arguably the best for most people is
Engadget - 9 hours ago
Tesla has announced that it's phasing out ultrasonic sensors (USS) used in its EVs to detect short-range obstacles, Electrek has reported. While o
Engadget - 9 hours ago
It’s embarrassing to admit, but I frequently get lost. Even in the middle of well laid-out Manhattan, my friends cannot trust me with directions. So
Engadget - 9 hours ago
Not too long ago, the notion of Intel getting into the world of discrete graphics cards seemed ludicrous. Intel?! The same company that killed its la
Engadget - 9 hours ago
With profits shrinking of late, Facebook has been shutting down unpopular apps and focusing on its core services. To that end, it's updating the p
Engadget - 10 hours ago
Zipline has teamed up with a healthcare provider servicing the Intermountain Region in the US to deliver medicine to customers using its drones. The c
Engadget - 10 hours ago
Twitter has agreed – once again – to Elon Musk’s proposal to buy the company for $54.20 a share. In a statement, Twitter confirmed it had receiv
Engadget - 11 hours ago
In this week’s newsletter: The question of tougher regulation is back following an inquest into the death of a 14-year-old who viewed significant am
Theguardian - 12 hours ago
The Nobel chemistry prize has been awarded to three scientists who have developed a way of "snapping molecules together" to design new medicines.
Sky News - 12 hours ago

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