Kia launches EV charging service covering 68% of UK network

New KiaCharge platform streamlines access and payment for nearly 14,000 chargers nationwide

Kia has launched a dedicated charging platform for EV and plug-in hybrid driver, giving access to 68% of the UK network and doing away with the need for multiple separate accounts.

The new KiaCharge service is available to all owners of Kia EVs and PHEVs and is compatible with 13,900 chargers - including 1300 rapid devies - in the UK, plus 178,000 in a further 28 countries across Europe.

Charger brands compatible with KiaCharge from launch include BP Pulse, Pod Point, Source London, Chargepoint, NewMotion and Char-gy, while an Ionity fast-charge 'bolt-on' will roll-out when the brand's first bespoke EV - with 800V charging capacity - launches later this year. 

Devices can be accessed and operated using either a dedicated smartphone app or a physical RFID card. Users have a choice of two monthly payment plans, so they won't have to make multiple individual transactions if regularly using public chargers.

The app also gives real-time charger usage data, as well as pricing and technical information, and can be configured to filter devices by speed, socket type or access method. 

Payments are made via a single itemised invoice each month. On the entry-level Easy tariff, users pay a £1.99 one-off access fee and a 49p session fee per charge (except on BP Pulse and Pod Point devices) on top of the energy costs. The Plus tariff is available for £2.99 every month and does away with the individual up-front and session cost while giving a 15% discount on energy from certain providers.

Users can switch between the two tariffs at a month's notice and for an extra £7.85 per month are offered a 40% energy discount at 7000 BP Pulse chargers. 


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