Maria Raga: the CEO behind Gen Z’s favourite shopping app

Meet the woman in charge of Depop, the secondhand fashion platform that is skyrocketing in popularity

Maria Raga, CEO of Depop, the fashion resale app, enjoys wearing other people’s old clothes, but what to call them? Secondhand? She’s not enamoured with the term. There are connotations. So, though it is not, strictly speaking, official Depop brand language, she has landed on a different phrase. “We say pre-loved!”

Depop is an entire platform for the pre-loved. More than 140,000 secondhand items are listed on the app daily. There are old Nike jumpers and old Off-White hoodies and vintage blue jeans and astonishing amounts of 90s dead stock. There are bras and satchels, chokers and bomber ja ckets – hot commodities on the resale market. There are items that are not clothing, but users predominantly trade in fashion and accessories. In functionality, the app is a practical marriage between eBay (used stuff for sale) and Instagram (curated lives). Items appear in scrollable grids. Buyers follow their favourite sellers, who market their products with age-appropriate copy. In a recent post, a user from south London tagged a neon green T-shirt (£29.99) with the terms “Gothic”, “eboy”, “techwear”, “egirl”, “heel”, “future”, “cyberdog”, “y2k” and “fire”.

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