Rishi Sunak's winter economy plan will silence the UK music scene

The successor to the furlough scheme is not fit for a sector still unable to open its doors due to social distancing and curfews – it needs targeted support now

On Thursday, Rishi Sunak announced his Winter Economy Plan, which brings to an end the furlough and self-employed job retention schemes. I agree that the government cannot continue to pay almost all of people’s salaries indefinitely, and that life has to return to normal sometime soon; this is taxpayers’ money and our country now owes more than it earns for the first time since 1963, borrowing more this year than at any point since the second world war. The government has robustly supported the British economy, NHS and workers during what is an unprecedented crisis.

But there is a gaping hole in the government’s economic plan: support for the live music and entertainment industry. The chancellor says that the government cannot be expected to protect every business and household – but the live music industry has been shut down, by law and circumstance, for more than six months.

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