George H.W. Bush advocated a "kinder, gentler" America and initiated campaigns that ousted one foreign dictator and crippled another.
The state would become the second in the country, behind Michigan, to ban the sale of fruit flavored e-cigarettes, which are popular with teenagers.
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Some Democrats called for the impeachment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh after an article in the New York Times surfaced a previously unreported allegatio
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The strike, depending on its length, could easily cost GM hundreds of millions of dollars. The last time the union declared a strike at GM was in 2007
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A growing number of models are selling subscriptions using OnlyFans and Fancentro, turning their social media followings into a customer base.
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Saudi Arabia shut down half its oil production Saturday after drone strikes hit the world's largest oil processing facility in an attack claimed
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Apple's new iPhones can still send texts, download apps, and make video calls, but the company spends a lot of time and effort marketing its new
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The comments came in response to an article in The New York Times that surfaced a previously unreported allegation of sexual misconduct from the justi
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Supporters of a $15 minimum wage ballot initiative in Florida argue the state's inflation-tied pay hikes have not gone far enough.
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Taco Bell and McDonald's are among the fast-food chains that have trimmed their menus in 2019.
Thanks to the performance of Beyond Meat, investors who focus on venture-backed tech IPOs have done well this year despite some notable disappointment
Trusii's hydrogen water machines were supposed to help users with their health problems, but customers claim the company is running a giant scam.
To achieve very good or excellent credit, there are simple things you can do that will have an immediate impact. Here are five tips to get started.
"I wouldn't chase" value stocks as they win out over growth, says top ETF consultant Chris Hempstead.
On its first trading day, Beyond Meat's stock price surged 163%. The hype around the stock continued to push it higher in the following months.
Disney's forthcoming Disney+ will compete with Apple's Apple TV+ in the online streaming service market.
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U.S. prosecutors accuse UAW officials of living lives of luxury that included high-end liquor, private villas, lavish dinners and golf outings — all
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Feinstein had already committed to backing Biden's candidacy for president before he announced his campaign in April.
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Sen. Kamala Harris failed to impress wealthy financiers in the third debate. Bundlers and big-money donors are still not ready to back her candidacy.
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Huffman, 56, paid $15,000 as part of a cheating scheme to have a college counselor correct wrong answers on her oldest daughter's SAT scores in 2
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