After a brief delay, Mozilla has started to make DNS over HTTPS the default for Firefox users in the US. Notwithstanding any additional hiccups, the c
Tech - 27 minutes ago
Dota Underlords, Valve's Defense of the Ancients-themed 'auto-chess' spinoff, has left early. You can now take part in the game's
Tech - 48 minutes ago
Qualcomm unveiled its XR2 platform at the end of last year, and chipheads were pretty impressed with how much power the company had packed into its ne
Tech - 48 minutes ago
The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is now the first smartphone lineup to receive USB fast-charger certification from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), t
Tech - an hour ago
Over the past several years, Apple has made efforts to expand the health-related features of the iPhone and Apple Watch. Apps and features like fall d
Tech - 2 hours ago
E-scooter startup Bird has started testing a new in-app payments feature called Bird Pay. If you live in Santa Monica or Los Angeles, you can try it o
Tech - 2 hours ago
Amazon's deal of the day is the 7-in-1 Ninja Foodi, capable of pressure cooking, slow cooking, air-frying and more. This five-quart powerhouse is
Tech - 3 hours ago
Polestar has yet to deliver its first EV, but that isn't stopping it from outlining the vision for its future cars. The automaker has unveiled a
Tech - 4 hours ago
We've been hearing about 5G for ages, and 2020 is the year it'll finally become a reality for some people. Until this point there have been
Tech - 5 hours ago
Marsquakes are more common but less intense than NASA thought. That's one of the things the agency has revealed in the six papers it recently pub
Tech - 6 hours ago
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Nearly every day, there's at least one post I always see on social media: What's good to watch on Net
Tech - 6 hours ago
Amazon's checkout-free Go concept has officially morphed into a supermarket. Amazon Go Grocery opens in Seattle today, with 5,000 items for sale
Tech - 7 hours ago
Microsoft revealed last month it's been working on a whole host of changes for the February 2020 Xbox One Update, and now they're finally ro
Tech - 8 hours ago
You could soon see more and faster DRAM in next-generation flagship smartphones than in many PCs. Samsung has just unveiled the first 16GB LPDDR5 mobi
Tech - 9 hours ago
Lenovo has updated its ThinkPad line with conventional and flexible laptops powered by Intel's 10th Gen vPro processors. However, select models c
Tech - 10 hours ago
You call that puny wireless thing sitting in your backpack a speaker? This is a Bluetooth speaker: Meet Ultimate Ears' Hyperboom, a $400 13-pound
Tech - 11 hours ago
If you're a fan of tabbed web browsers, there's a real chance your tabs can be overwhelming at times. Ever try to find that one article you
Tech - 11 hours ago
This week Netflix is streaming season two of its sci-fi show Altered Carbon, as well as MewTwo Strikes Back - Evolution, the second season of F1: Driv
Tech - 14 hours ago
HTC's new high-end virtual reality headset, the Vive Cosmos Elite, is now available for pre-order. The company unveiled the device a few days ago
Tech - 16 hours ago
Intuit wants to manage more of your financial data. The TurboTax developer has bought Credit Karma, best known for helping people track and control th
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